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European Directory of the initial Ocean-observing Systems (EDIOS)

EDIOS is an initiative of EuroGOOS and gives an overview of the ocean measuring and monitoring systems operated by European countries. The directory is a prerequisite for the full implementation of EuroGOOS providing an inventory of the continuously available data for operational models. This information provides the basis for optimal deployment of new instruments, and the design of sampling strategies. This directory includes discovery information on location, measured parameters, data availability, responsible institutes and links to data-holding agencies plus some more technical information on instruments such as sampling frequency. EDIOS is also very suited for creating and giving an overview of marine monitoring programmes relevant for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) implementation. In particular, the United Kingdom has adopted EDIOS as key directory to maintain and give a central overview of all UK marine monitoring programmes. Monitoring agencies from other countries are also encouraged to gather and enter more EDIOS entries, which results in a steady increase of European countries in EDIOS and more monitoring programmes and systems.

o Query EDIOS

The User Interface allows for searching and browsing EDIOS entries at monitoring programme level and at monitoring series / stations level. It also includes additional search criteria relevant for Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). Further development is ongoing for adding Web Mapping Services (WMS and KML), including symbolisation, for supporting wider sharing on other portals and publishing of maps in reports.

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Previous EDIOS directory

The initial EDIOS directory was established in 2001 - 2004 as part of the EU EDIOS project  and gathered ca. 10.000 EDIOS entries for ocean measuring and monitoring sites. The old directory and user interface are kept online for data providers to oversee their possible old entries as a support for making new entries in the present system (see above).

o Query OLD EDIOS directory and user interface

Warning: the initial entries are from 2004 and should not be used by users;  the mapping facility of this old user interface requires Java, which might not be installed in your browser. The directory searching can work without the mapping facility.