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Version 1.2 available

Published on the 02/02/2017

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Version 3.3.5 available

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Published on the 13/03/2014

Version 1.6.3 available

AAA services

SeaDataNet V2 makes use of a Central User Register to provide single-sign-on authentication and authorisation services to various components of the SeaDataNet infrastructure. These so-called AAA services are based upon CAS (Central Authentication System). CAS relies on a user directory which is based on LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).

For registration, SeaDataNet makes use of the marine-id services. Therefore you will first of all be asked to register with marine-id (in order to get a personal login name and password) and then to follow up by registering for the SeaDataNet services. If you already have a marine-id login, then just authenticate yourself by login, and you will be directly transfered to the SeaDataNet registration service.

The request will be forwarded to the National Oceanographic Data Centre of the user for validation and for assigning the role(s) of the user.

  • Modify your details as a registered SeaDataNet user, on Marine-ID (soon available)

The user can request to modify its address details etc.

The NODC can validate the user registration request and assign the appropriate role(s) for the users from its own country.

The  AAA services can be used to secure access to components of the SeaDataNet infrastructure. The manual gives information on the technical set-up, the functionalities and use of the services.