Published on the 03/02/2017

Version 1.2 available

Published on the 02/02/2017

First week of May, Bologna, Italy

Published on the 28/11/2016

Version 3.3.5 available

Published on the 06/10/2016

Agendas online

Published on the 13/03/2014

Version 1.6.3 available


A major objective and challenge in SeaDataNet is to provide an integrated and harmonised overview and access to data resources, managed by distributed data centres. Moreover it is an objective to provide users common means for analysing and presenting data and data products. Therefore the Technical Task Team of SeaDataNet has designed an overall system architecture , and is developing common software tools for data centres and users.
Common software tools are being developed and freely made available to Data Centres and/or End Users for:

  • Editing and generating XML metadata entries: MIKADO javatool
  • Tool for the generation of spatial objects from vessel navigation during observations: EndsAndBends
  • Conversion of the Medatlas format to the SeaDataNet Medatlas format: Med2MedSDN
  • Conversion of the SeaDataNet Medatlas format to the SeaDataNet NetCDF (CFPOINT) format : MedSDN2CFPOINT
  • Conversion of the SeaDataNet ODV format to the SeaDataNet NetCDF (CFPOINT) format : OdvSDN2CFPOINT
  • SeaDataNet file format convertor : OCTOPUS
  • Conversion of any ASCII format to the SeaDataNet ODV4 ASCII format: NEMO javatool
  • Conversion of SeaDataNet ODV or MEDATLAS with V1 vocabs to NVS V2.0: Change_Vocab_V1toV2 
  • Connecting systems of Data Centres to the SeaDataNet portal for data access: Download Manager javatool