Published on the 03/02/2017

Version 1.2 available

Published on the 02/02/2017

First week of May, Bologna, Italy

Published on the 28/11/2016

Version 3.3.5 available

Published on the 06/10/2016

Agendas online

Published on the 13/03/2014

Version 1.6.3 available


MIKADO is a software tool, written in Java, which enables data centres to prepare XML metadata files for the SeaDataNet directories EDMED, CSR, EDMERP, CDI and EDIOS. Data centres can prepare XML entries manually or can generate XML entries automatically by interfacing with local databases. MIKADO also enables data centres to manage XML entries as a local collection.

MIKADO uses the latest SeaDataNet XML Schema's and makes use of the Common Vocabularies, EDMO and EDMERP directories. The latter are each time synchronised by online connections to the respective Web Services on user demand.

MIKADO is fit for use on Unix and Windows platforms. The development of MIKADO is performed by IFREMER.

The latest version of MIKADO is available supporting NVS 2.0 in all directories and the new INSPIRE compliant CDI and CSR Schemas and XML formats.

  • Download the upgraded MIKADO software (V3.3.5)
    • Adds-on
      • Compliancy with NVS 2.0 BODC vocabularies
      • Change C16 to C19 List 
      • CDI ISO19139
      • CSR ISO19139
      • Continue when error option in MIKADO automatic mode
    • Bug fixed
      • Mikado automatic - "Continue when error" mode: log file empty,
      • Mikado automatic - CDI (var18-19-20): error when the query returns null,
      • Mikado manual: error "Lead error, mapped collections not in local directory" when using vocabulary lists.
      • Batch mode do not stops for some errors.
  • Download the MIKADO user manual : application/pdf MIKADO user manual V3.3.4 (10.50 MB)
  • Download a presentation of MIKADO : application/octet-stream Training 4 - Presentation of MIKADO (4.05 MB)