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OCTOPUS is available on the following platforms.

Requirements: Oracle 1.8.0_131 or greater (but lower than 1.9) or openJDK 1.8.0_60 or greater (but lower than 1.9) with openJFX (both are mandatory). If you use Java 9 or 10, please download the OCTOPUS version with Java 1.8 included.

Linux versions have not been tested by IFREMER. Your comments are welcome. If you have any remarks or problems, please contact



Version Platform Windows


Version Platform Linux

OCTOPUS (Java 1.8 included)

Version (Java 1.8 included) Platform Windows

OCTOPUS (Java 1.8 included)

Version (Java 1.8 included) Platform Linux

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In the frame of the SeaDataCloud project, a week of meetings was held during fall in Brest, France. An opportunity for all members of the consortium, advisory board and scientific committee to gather, coordinate, exchange and implement new ideas to improve the project.

Version 3.5.3 available

version available