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European Directory of Marine Environmental Data sets (EDMED)

EDMED is a comprehensive reference to the marine data sets and collections held within European research laboratories, so as to provide marine scientists, engineers and policy makers with a simple mechanism for their identification. It covers a wide range of disciplines including marine meteorology; physical, chemical and biological oceanography; sedimentology; marine biology and fisheries; environmental quality; coastal and estuarine studies; marine geology and geophysics; etc. Data sets are described in EDMED irrespective of their format (e.g. digital databases or files, analogue records, paper charts, hard-copy tabulations, photographs and videos, geological samples, biological specimens etc). Currently, EDMED describes more than 3.500 data sets, held at over 700 Data Holding Centres across Europe.

o Query EDMED

The query interface enables to search by a set of criteria, including a geographical box. The selected data set references are listed with the country flag of the data holding organisation. Clicking on the display icon retrieves the full data set description.

Note: a major upgrade is underway to harmonise EDMED with the other SeaDataNet directories. This will soon result in a new query interface.

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