About us

SeaDataNet has federated open digital repositories to manage, access and share data, information, products and knowledge originating from oceanographic fleets, new automatic observation systems and space sensors.

By use of standards for communication and new developments in information technology, in-situ and satellite marine data platforms are providing metadata, data and products as a unique virtual data centre.

The SeaDataNet partnership is assuring the archival and preservation of data for their re-use for new research, retention of unique observational data which is impossible to re-create; enhance existing data available for research projects as well for marine environment management, education, history and other uses

SeaDataNet is including the important issues of trust which are addressed in data-based research: security, confidentiality, ownership, assured provenance, authenticity, as well as the quality of the data and the metadata

Standards development and adoption for communication and Quality Assurance issues on data, meta-data and products are providing integrated data sets of assessed quality. The implementation of common QA procedure allows the preparation of common regional and global data products.

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