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Open the viewer with a pre-selected trajectory

A central element of the SeaDataCloud Sensor Web Developments is the Sensor Web Viewer based on the 52°North Helgoland Sensor Web Viewer. This tool allows users to consume and visualise near-real time sensor data from different data providers relying on interoperable Sensor Web encodings and interfaces.

This comprises also support of different types of observation data. Besides time series data showing the historic variations of one or more parameters at fixed locations (e.g. fixed buoys and sensor stations), it is also capable to visualise data measured along trajectories (e.g. by research vessels) as well as profile data.

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In the frame of the SeaDataCloud project, a week of meetings was held during fall in Brest, France. An opportunity for all members of the consortium, advisory board and scientific committee to gather, coordinate, exchange and implement new ideas to improve the project.

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