Data access services

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The SeaDataNet infrastructure links already more than 110 national oceanographic data centres and marine data centres from 35 countries riparian to all European seas. The data centres manage large sets of marine and ocean data, originating from their own institutes and from other parties in their country, in a variety of data management systems and configurations. A major objective and challenge in SeaDataNet is to provide an integrated and harmonised overview and access to these data resources, using a distributed network approach.

This is achieved by developing, implementing and operating the Common Data Index service 

that gives users a highly detailed insight in the availability and geographical spreading of marine data across the different data centres across Europe. The CDI provides an ISO19115 - ISO19139 based index (metadatabase) to individual data sets (such as samples, timeseries, profiles, trajectories, etc) and it provides a unique interface to online data access. Data sets are available in ODV (Ocean Data View) and NetCDF (CF) SeaDataNet formats that can be imported to ODV software, which includes the Data Interpolating Variational Analysis software tool (DIVA).

For data usage

SeaDataNet brokerage service for discovery of international marine data collections