SeaDataNet AISBL

SeaDataNet AISBL is legal entity under the Belgian law (“International non-profit organization”) officially established since May 6th, 2019. According to its statutes , The Organization, which does not seek financial gain, aims to work in the collective interest of its members to improve the quality and effectiveness in the management, the processing and the dissemination of oceanographic data at national, regional and global levels.

SeaDataNet AISBL also has internal rules that are supplementary and subordinate to the articles of the association.

More specifically the purpose of the Organization is:

  1. Promote the SeaDataNet infrastructure, tools and services and the development of underpinning science and technology;
  2. Foster cooperation and coordination within its Members in the field of data management, processing and dissemination ;
  3. Promote and coordinate the development of commonly available products and services; and
  4. Coordinate the contribution of the pan-European oceanographic data management community to the European Union initiatives for a better environmental status of the seas and oceans and for an improved marine knowledge in general.

SeaDataNet is a stable component of the SeaDataNet infrastructure, independent of the various organizations contributing to its good functioning, aiming at serving their interests in a coordinated manner.

The association is governed by its General Assembly and its Board of Directors, which currently consists of the following individuals:

  • Mr Serge Scory (Chair)
  • Mrs Michèle Fichaut (Vice-Chair)
  • Mrs Alessandra Giorgetti
  • Mrs Athanasia Iona
  • Mrs Lesley Rickards
  • Mrs Hong Minh Le
  • Mr Dick Schaap

How to become a member?

  •  Institutions that signed the “SeaDataNet Exploitation Agreement” at the end of the SeaDataNet 2 project will be automatically admitted as a Member upon notification of their written request for affiliation addressed to the Organization.
  • Organizations that didn’t sign the “SeaDataNet Exploitation Agreement” must be admitted by the General Meeting.

Full membership is granted once the annual membership fee (for 2021: 250€) is paid to the organization.

For more information on how to proceed, do not hesitate to contact the Board.