SDN2 - Technical meeting 4

The Fourth SeaDataNet II TTG meeting will take place in Obninsk (Russia), on 19-20 February, 2013 at the institute of RIHMI-WDC (room 503).

The meeting arrangements will be provided by the international department of RIHMI-WDC,contact person - Vasiliy Sobolev, tel 7-48439-74183, mail: sobolev at

  • Transportation from/to Domodedovo airport

RIHMI-WDC will organise transportation of the participants from the airport Domodedovo (18 February) to Obninsk and the return at 21 February 2013.

  •  Hotel

RIHMI-WDC will book a block of 30 rooms at the hotel of Central Institute of Continuing Education and Training (CICE&T), it is not far from the institute.

  •  Transportation of participants Moscow - Obninsk - Moscow

 Participants are requested to book their travel at the given dates (monday + thursday) and to inform Vasiliy Sobolev at their earliest convenience but not too late, because Vasiliy will need this information to plan the busses. In case some participants can not arrange arrival/departure via Domodedovo, but via another airport, then RIHMI-WDC will undertake action to solve this on a case by case basis.

  • Visa

RIHMI-WDC needs information about all participants to provide visa support. Please fulfil the form received by email before 20 December 2012 and send a copy to Vasiliy Sobolev and to Dick Schaap.