European Directory of Marine Organisations (EDMO)

EDMO contains up-to-date addresses and activity profiles of research institutes, data holding centres, monitoring agencies, governmental and private organisations, that are in one way or another engaged in oceanographic and marine research activities, data & information management and/or data acquisition activities. Currently, EDMO lists and describes more than 4.000 organisations.

EDMO offers two interfaces, a regular HTML interface for "human users" and a SPARQL Endpoint for machine applications.

The HTML query interface enables to search by a set of criteria, including a geographical box on a map. The selected organisations are listed and displayed on the map. Clicking on the name of the organisation retrieves its address and profile. Where applicable, the list and the address page indicate by means of icons the engagement of the organisation in any of the other SeaDataNet metadata services and/or data access service (CDI) by means of icons. Clicking on an icon retrieves the associated entries from the selected directory.

The SPARQL endpoint follows the W3C rules and allows data to be harvested and indexed by machines applications like search engines. On the SPARQL endpoints webpage you will find the references to documentation on how to use it.

How to contribute?