Metadata formats

All SeaDataNet metadata services (CSR, CDI, EDMED, EDMERP and EDIOS) make use of XML formats and exchange schema's (XSD). These are based upon the ISO 19115 content model. Moreover all SeaDataNet metadata formats make use of the SeaDataNet Common Vocabularies and the EDMO directory (European Directory of Marine Organisations) which underpins the relations and semantic coherency between the different metadata services.    

All XML Schema's are based upon the ISO 19115 DTD. However for the CSR and CDI services an upgrade to ISO 19139 format has been applied, especially for making these INSPIRE compliant and for making the exchange between the national providers and the central portal operators more efficient by automatic harvesting. 

For each Directory it has been defined:

  • Description of the format and XML tags
  • XML Schema
  • XML example file

Download the latest versions of the XML formats of the following directories: