As a H2020 Research Innovation Action (RIA), SeaDataCloud carries out different types of interrelated activities to reach its objectives:

  • Networking activities (NA) purposes are to enhance the services provided by the research infrastructure and to foster the co-operation between the participant of the project and the scientific communities benefiting from the research infrastructures. They include the project coordination, the training of data providers and data users, the communication and dissemination, and the management of the SeaDataNet metadata catalogues.
  • Virtual Access (VA) activities provide services, tools and support to data providers and data users.
  • Joint Research Activities (JRA) aim to contribute to quantitative and qualitative improvements of the services provided by the infrastructures, they include
    • the tuning of requirements and their overall integration,
    • the technical development of standards and upstream (from the data providers to the infrastructure) and downstream (from the infrastructure to data users) services
    • the scientific development of data products

Management of the project insures the overall coordination of all project activities