Polar and sub-polar Cruise Summary Reports

                                                                                                                                             Access to the polar and sub-polar CSR inventory

The scientific community, decision-makers and stakeholders have an increasing need for rapid and easy access to information and data on the polar oceans. To address these needs a dedicated polar and sub-polar Cruise Summary Report (CSR) inventory has been implemented, using the SeaDataNet CSR database, standards and interface. The Polar Inventory contains a subset of the overall SeaDataNet inventory which has been extracted based on geographical criteria (i.e. polar and sub-polar ocean areas). When searching for a cruise, the CSR Polar Inventory retains the same search facets as in the global SeaDataNet CSR Inventory. Overall, this inventory is a useful tool to describe the context of data collection at sea and how these data can potentially contribute to a better understanding of the polar oceans.

The Polar Inventory has been implemented as a subtask of the ARICE project. Funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, the ARICE project aims to contribute to the pooling and optimisation of Arctic marine observation resources by facilitating access to research icebreakers for the European scientific community, improving the coordination of Arctic research cruises and supporting access to and wide dissemination of the scientific information collected during these cruises. By offering a customised discovery service of cruises in the Arctic Ocean and surrounding seas, the Polar Inventory complements the ARICE Metadata catalogue and Map viewer tools developed by the project. The cruise information contained in the inventory is also accessible through the ARICE 3D Icebreaker tool which provides a URL to access the cruise list corresponding to each icebreaker documented in the tool.