Aggregated datasets

Access to Aggregated datasets & climatologies 

The aggregated datasets are regional ODV collections of all temperature and salinity measurements contained within SeaDataNet database covering all the European sea basins (Arctic Sea, Baltic Sea, Black Sea, North Sea, North Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea).

Two versions have been published during the SeaDataNet 2 project and one version during the SeaDataCloud project. They represent a snapshot of the SeaDataNet database content at three different times:

  • SeaDataNet V1.1 January 2014
  • SeaDataNet V2   March 2015
  • SeaDataCloud V1 November 2017

Each of them is the result of the Quality Check Strategy (QCS) implemented during SeaDataNet 2 that contributed to highly improve the quality of temperature and salinity data. The QCS is made by four main phases:

  1. data harvesting from the central CDI
  2. file and parameter aggregation
  3. quality check analysis at regional level
  4. analysis and correction of data anomalies.

The aggregated datasets have been prepared and quality checked using ODV software.