Access to Aggregated datasets & climatologies

Regional climatologies products - gridded fields of sea temperature and salinity - are available for 6 European sea basins - Arctic Sea, Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, North Sea, North Atlantic Ocean – and for Global Ocean. The climatologies are presented in two versions:

•SeaDataNet climatologies V1.1 released in 2015 and based on the SeaDataNet aggregated datasets V1.1 (European sea basins only);

SeaDataCloud climatologies V1 released in 2019 and based on the SeaDataCloud aggregated datasets V1 and data from external data sources such as WOD and CORA (6 European sea basins and Global Ocean). 

Gridded fields were computed with different versions of the DIVA software, including its advanced DIVAnd version.

Involving external data sources allowed to significantly increase the spatial and temporal data coverage of the sea regions thus resulting in improved quality, consistency and overall coherence of the SeaDataCloud climatologies.