As an Integrated Research Infrastructure Initiative (I3), SeaDataNet carries out different types of interrelated activities to reach its objectives:

1) the  Networking Activities (NA) include the development of catalogues services, education and capacity building, communication.

2) the Transnational Access Activities (TA) provide continuous access to the national marine data and information services of the 40 TA data platforms, which are National Oceanograhic Data Centres (NODC or Designated National Agencies for International Exchange) fand Satellite Data Centres from 35 countries.

3) Joint Research Activities (JRA) to develop the SeaDataNet Virtual Data Centre to get the on line integrated access to qualified, compatible and coherent meta-data, data sets and products. Therefore:

  • the technical delopment activities will make the distributed system interoperational;
  • the scientific data products development will contribute to the data quality control protocol, insure the overall functionning of the system and serve a larger community of users.