First training course

The 1st SeaDataCloud training workshop will be held at UNESCO/IOC Project Office for IODE, Oostende, Belgium.

Two similar sessions of 3 days are scheduled on:

  • 20-21-22 June 2018
  • 25-26-27 June 2018

The workshop programme will be made available after the next SDC Steering Group Meeting end of April.


The online registration is now open.


The registration fee for the SeaDataCloud workshop is 120€/session. For non-partner, the registration fee will be automatically paid by RBINS after attendant registration to the workshop.

For SeaDataCloud partners, payment will be made by bank transfer to:


BE06 0014 4878 4522


Reference: name + SeaDataCloud

A receipt will be given at the first day of the meeting.

Registration must be accompanied by payment. Please proceed to registration and payment before 6 June 2018.

If any question or problem, please contact


As non-partner of SeaDataCloud (but member of a data centre connected to the SeaDataNet infrastructure), the travelling costs (flight, other transportation, accommodation, food) will be covered by the Workshop Organiser (RBINS).

Hotel stay will be automatically booked and paidby RBINS after attendant registration to the workshop.

For the remaining costs (flight, extra ground transportation, food, …), please read instructions in the “Request for reimbursement” form below and fill it in with estimated expenses. Please return it to before 1 May 2018. Confirmation of approval of these expenses will be provided by the Workshop Organiser before travel can be booked.

Final costs with supporting documents (receipts, …) will have to be sent before 15 September 2018 for reimbursement.

application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document Request for reimbursement form


For detailed general information on Workshop venue, Arrival in Belgium, Accommodation, Local Transport/Information, Weather conditions and Training/meeting information, please read the document below.

application/pdf General information


UNESCO/IOC Project Office for IODE

Wandelaarkaai 7/61

B-8400 Oostende, Belgium

The closest airport is Brussels/Zaventem Airport.

To reach Ostend from the airport, you can use the train (apx. cost is 25 EUR). Schedules and information on trains can be found on the Belgian Rail website.


Pools of rooms have been blocked at 3 hotels. Attendants should stipulate “SeaDatacloud Workshop” when booking to access following rates.

  • Hotel Bero International
    • 16 Classic rooms: 85€/night
    • 24 ecology rooms: 99€/night

Deadline reservation: 19 May 2018

  • Princess Hotel
    • 10 standard rooms (19-23/06/2018): 65€/night
    • 5 standard rooms (24-28/06): 65€/night
    • 5 comfort rooms (24-28/06): 75€/night

Deadline reservation: 19 May 2018

  • Mercure Hotel
    • 10 comfort rooms: 85€/night

Mercure hotel will provide the attendants with a code to make the booking online (will be communicated later)

Deadline reservation: 19 May 2018

All hotels need to be booked directly with a credit cart.

For non-partners of SDC, rooms at one of the 3 hotels will we automatically booked and paid by RBINS after attendant registration to the workshop. Attendants will be informed in time of the reservation.