Steering Committe

The Steering Committee is composed of:

  • NA1 Coordination, NA2 TA Monitoring: Gilbert MAUDIRE (IFREMER), Chair
  • NA3 Training and Capacity Building : Peter PISSIERSSENS (IOC)
  • NA4 Cruise Summary Reports Directory: Friedrich NAST (BSH)
  • NA5 EDMED and EDIOS Directories : Lesley Rickards (NERC/BODC)
  • NA6 EDMERP Directory, NA7 Common Data Index + Technical Co-ordination : Dick SCHAAP (MARIS)
  • NA8 Communication, User Marketting and Feeback : Giuseppe MANZELLA (ENEA)
  • JRA3 Portable Data Management Software Development : Reiner SCHLITZER (AWI)
  • Scientific Co-ordination : Jean-Marie BECKERS (Ulg)
  • Networking Co-ordination : Efstathios BALOPOULOS (HCMR)
  • EU Satellite Community : Vittorio BARALE (EC-DG JRC)
  • GMES Link: Nadia PINARDI (INGV)

The Steering Committee defines all scientific and technical orientations of the Project, and ensures that the tasks are carried out according to the Work Plan. It shall deliberate and make proposals, for validation by the Co-ordinating Group, inter alia, on the political and strategic orientation of the Project, the progress reports, modifications and updates to the work plan.

Concerning project monitoring, the Steering Committee shall :

  • supervise project progress and initiate corrective actions if needed
  • validate the project deliverables to the Commission

The Steering Committee works by email and meets twice a year or more often as the interests of the Consortium so require.