Online registrations are open until 10 June 2019 for all connected data-centres (with a maximum of 2 participants / data-centre).


Participants from data-centres that are part of the SDC consortium will have to pay a subscription fee of 120€. It should be paid in advance, as it cannot be paid on the spot. Payments should be made by bank transfer or by credit card payment by the deadline of 11 June.


Bank Transfer


Bank account: BE06 0014 4878 4522


Reference: full name of participant + SeaDataCloud

Link for credit card payments

A receipt will be given on site. If you need a receipt document or a pro-forma invoice in advance, please send an email to Sofie de Baenst ( indicating:

  • Your full name
  • The full name of your institute
  • The full address of your institute
  • If needed: VAT information or other information requested by your institute


As non-partner of SeaDataCloud (but member of a data-centre connected to the SeaDataNet infrastructure), your costs (flight, other transportation, accommodation, food) will be covered by the Workshop Organiser (RBINS).

Hotel stay will be automatically booked and paid by RBINS after attendant registration to the workshop, as will be the registration fee.

For the remaining costs (flight, extra ground transportation, food, …), please read instructions in the “Request for reimbursement” form below and fill it in with estimated expenses. Please return it to before 10 June 2019. Confirmation of approval of these expenses will be provided by the Workshop Organiser before travel can be booked.

Final costs with supporting documents (receipts, …) will have to be sent before 15 September 2019 for reimbursement.