Remote Participation

All those who cannot attend the training courses will have the possibility to participate remotely to the workshop.

How to participate remotely ?

Connect to the OT platform every day. There you'll find a link to Webex, the application used for the videoconferencing, active from 8:50 AM to 5:10 PM.

Then, you'll be able to :


In case you have any questions or comments during the sessions, please use the chat box and a teacher assistant will answer you directly. If there is no assistant available, a moderator will collect all questions and comments and forward them to the relevant instructor(s) to be answered / discussed as soon as possible and/or during the allotted time.

If you wish to send questions in advance, please send an email to with the subject “Question SDC training” and indicate which session / to whom the question should be forwarded.

Best practices

  • Ideally, use cabled internet instead of wi-fi
  • Make sure your audio and video are working properly
  • Choose a quiet place to follow the sessions: following a remote event demands more focus than if you were attending the event face-to-face
  • The administrator will, by default, mute your microphone, to avoid background noise; you can also mute your own microphone

If you have any additional question please send an email to and  using as subject “SeaDataCloud training workshop June 2019”.

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