Software download and FAQ

OCTOPUS is a multi-format Checker, Converter and Splitter tool.


  • OCTOPUS converts files in a given SeaDataNet format to another SeaDataNet format (e.g.: ODV to netCDF, netCDF to ODV, MedAtlas to NetCDF, MedAtlas to ODV)
  • OCTOPUS has also additional functions such as:
    • Split a multi-station SeaDataNet file into mono-station SeaDataNet files
    • Extract station(s) from SeaDataNet files
    • Convert MGD v81 and v98 to SeaDataNet ODV  files

The following conversions are handled by OCTOPUS:

The Octopus software interface is bilingual (English/French) and the software is fit for use on several platforms : Windows and Linux..

OCTOPUS version 1.4.2


  • Compliance with java 9 and 10
  • Check consistency between values and quality flags
  • Check consider as valid timeseries ODV files with a P02 ASLV parameter instead of depth 
  • Homogenisation of the default value for measured parameters in NetCDF SDN (-99999) 
  • Allow SDN CSR references using the central catalog
  • Non SDN Medatlas files are recognized but considered as invalid (can be converted)
  • Conversion from Medatlas: the SDN CSR reference is automatically added from EDMO code and cruise reference, if possible
  • All conversions: non-mandatory variables are not kept if they are empty (with only default values)
  • Conversion to ODV: an error is raises if one of the mandatory columns has missing value(s)
  • Update SDN QC flags: add 'Q' flag
  • JSON log: format added in files logs
  • Choose automatically the default output directory for conversion to mono-station files
  • Ability to update external resources (CSR, BODC, EDMO) in batch mode

Bug corrections:

  • Fix error if medatlas file has a last empty line
  • NetCDF SDN: update global attribute 'title' : replace 'SeaDataNet_1.0 CF 1.6' with 'SeaDataNet_1.0 CF-1.6'
  • Manage errors if the user is not connected and tries to update the external resources (CSR, BODC, EDMO) 
  • NetCDF SDN: fix expected variable type during check for DEPTH (any type is authorised)
  • Manage error if input directory is empty
  • Keep current window size when changing language in settings
  • Set default log level to INFO

See OCTOPUS presentation (the presentation was done in May 2017, on OCTOPUS  version 1.2):

and corresponding video.