Software download and FAQ

OCTOPUS is a multi-format Checker, Converter and Splitter tool.


  • OCTOPUS converts files in a given SeaDataNet format to another SeaDataNet format (e.g.: ODV to netCDF, netCDF to ODV, MedAtlas to NetCDF, MedAtlas to ODV)
  • OCTOPUS has also additional functions such as:
    • Split a multi-station SeaDataNet file into mono-station SeaDataNet files
    • Extract station(s) from SeaDataNet files
    • Convert MGD v81 and v98 to SeaDataNet ODV  files

The following conversions are handled by OCTOPUS:

The Octopus software interface is bilingual (English/French) and the software is fit for use on several platforms (Windows 64 and 32 bits, Linux 32 and 64 bits).

OCTOPUS version 1.4.1


  • Be able to check and convert the ODV files generated from MGD77
  • Detect the BIO-ODV format (and extensions to Cytofluometer and Microlitter data), the files are not checked, but not rejected neither (Warning to the user).

Bug corrections:

  • Off line run of OCTOPUS authorised
  • Conversion of MGD77 files corrected
  • Correction of NetCDF to ODV conversion with empty geophysical variables

See OCTOPUS presentation (the presentation was done in May 2017, on OCTOPUS  version 1.2):

and corresponding video.