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OCTOPUS is a multi-format Checker, Converter and Splitter tool.


  • OCTOPUS converts files in a given SeaDataNet format to another SeaDataNet format (e.g.: ODV to netCDF, netCDF to ODV, MedAtlas to NetCDF, MedAtlas to ODV)
  • OCTOPUS checks the ODV SDN variant formats for biology, microlitter and flow cytometry, it can converts them from ODV variant to ODV variant
  • OCTOPUS checks the SeaDataNet netCDF format for HF-Radar, no conversion are possible for this format.
  • OCTOPUS has also additional functions such as:
    • Split a multi-station SeaDataNet file into mono-station SeaDataNet files
    • Extract station(s) from SeaDataNet files
    • Convert MGD v81 and v98 to SeaDataNet ODV  files
    • Convert EGO glider files to netCDF (CFPOINT) format

The following conversions are handled by OCTOPUS:

The Octopus software interface is bilingual (English/French) and the software is fit for use on several platforms : Windows and Linux..

OCTOPUS version 1.7.0 (07/10/2021)

  • Conversion of EGO1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 glider files to SeaDataNet netCDF (CFPoint) format.
  • Use of "BODV" and "MODV" formats in the coupling table.
  • More information in the log when updating vocabularies.
  • Message in the log on external error (e.g. if a time-out occurs during the vocabulary update).
  • "Update lists" button changed to "Update vocabularies" in the "Settings" window.
  • Check that unit P06::TISO is used for P01::ENDX8601.
  • Conversion from MedAtlas to ODV: the station comments are kept.
  • Corrections de labels, messages, typos, ...

OCTOPUS version 1.6.0 (08/01/2021)

  • Addition of a checker for SeaDataNet HF-Radar files (NetCDF).
  • Fix a problem on ExternalResourcesManager, that blocked the batch mode.
  • Medatlas -> CFPoint conversion: automatically update C17 labels from BODC vocabs.
  • Partially upgrade to Java 8 Time library to fix datetime handling.
  • Fix datetime management for MGD77 files.
  • Handle new L20 value.
  • Detect multiple parameters for same P09 in multistation Medatlas files (those should be splitted before conversion).
  • Fixes on labels, messages, typos,

OCTOPUS user manual

See OCTOPUS presentation (the presentation was done in May 2017, on OCTOPUS  version 1.2):

and corresponding video.