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As part of the SeaDataNet CDI data discovery and access services, data sets are accessible to users via download services. Data sets are then delivered in common data transport formats, which interact with other SeaDataNet standards (Vocabularies, Quality Flag Scale) and SeaDataNet analysis & presentation tools (ODV, DIVA).

Depending on their local data management configuration, data centres might be required to pre-process their in-house data files from their own formats to the SeaDataNet data formats. To support data centres for this conversion, SeaDataNet is providing NEMO software as a useful tool (written in java). NEMO enables conversion from any type of ASCII format to the SeaDataNet ODV and Medatlas ASCII formats as well as the SeaDataNet NetCDF (CF) format (for timeseries, profiles and trajectories observations) . NEMO makes use of the Common Vocabularies and EDMO directory. The latter are each time synchronised by online connections to the respective Web Services on user demand.

NEMO software (V1.6.3)

  • Adds-on:
    • 1.6.2: Improve parameters/units selection tables for measured parameters description
    • 1.6.0: SeaDataNet references: Nemo adds automatically SDN references about CDI, CSR (if local CSR Identifier is set in the Cruise tab), SHIP (if Ship is set in the Cruise tab).Cruise tab is now always displayed and renamed Cruise/Collection. In ODV, the cruise name is used in Cruise column if exists (otherwise Cruise reference is used)
    • 1.6.0: SDN Mapping new attributes "instrument" and "fall_rate" are available from Data tab
    • 1.6.0: MEDATLAS: DEPH as primary variable for vertical profiles is allowed
    • 1.6.0: Allows Server Initialisation and XML Initialisation for ODV conversions (Cruise tab)
  • Bugs corrections:
    • 1.6.3: Error on date and times for conversion of trajectories if dates and times are red in input file
    • 1.6.3: Error on title in L22 selection window
    • 1.6.2: Error on files containing textual data and using P01 via P02 BODC parameterS
    • 1.6.2: Summary_cdi_nemo.xml file
    • 1.6.2: Stations order in output files: sort by date and then by station number
    • 1.6.1: Coupling table (bug on import and edition)
    • 1.6.0: P06 code used for non numeric ODV data units: uses UUUU instead of incorrect UKNW
    • 1.6.0: Sort data within station by increasing reference parameter: fixes sort order (numerical instaed of aplhabetical)
    • 1.6.0: Coupling table in batch mode 
    • 1.6.0: Wriong station numbers for trajectories collections conversion in netcdf
    • 1.6.0: Error conversion after adding a paramater in data tab when a conversion was already done
    • 1.6.0: CFPOINT conversion of timeseries with start date and  sampling rate
    • 1.6.0: Wrong default flag on TIME variable in CFPOINT

See NEMO presentation:

and corresponding video.

Examples of input files, NEMO models and output filesconverted with NEMO : 

NEMO is fit for use on Windows and Unix platforms. NEMO has been initiated and is now further developed as part of SeaDataNet by partner IFREMER