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As part of the SeaDataNet CDI data discovery and access services, data sets are accessible to users via download services. Data sets are then delivered in common data transport formats, which interact with other SeaDataNet standards (Vocabularies, Quality Flag Scale) and SeaDataNet analysis & presentation tools (ODV, DIVA).

Depending on their local data management configuration, data centres might be required to pre-process their in-house data files from their own formats to the SeaDataNet data formats. To support data centres for this conversion, SeaDataNet is providing NEMO software as a useful tool (written in java). NEMO enables conversion from any type of ASCII format to the SeaDataNet ODV and Medatlas ASCII formats as well as the SeaDataNet NetCDF (CF) format (for timeseries, profiles and trajectories observations) . NEMO makes use of the Common Vocabularies and EDMO directory. The latter are each time synchronised by online connections to the respective Web Services on user demand.

NEMO software (V1.6.6)

  • Adds-on:
    • 1.6.4: Easier management of CSV file: number of column is used to display and select parameters for input CSV files
    • 1.6.4: Detect deprecated or non existing BODC terms in Cruise, Station and Data tabs (GUI and batch modes). Deprecated terms are automatically replaced if a replacement code is given by the BODC.
  • Bugs corrections:
    • 1.6.6: Nemo did not start when version service was unreachable
    • 1.6.6: In Data tab, bad input flags values for CSV files
    • 1.6.5: On the data screen for CSV files, incorrect synchronisation of highlighting between the data table and the parameter table
    • 1.6.5: In Data screen: incorrect test on P06 unit for non numeric parameters
    •  1.6.4: Error on data format in data tab for big integers and floats
    •  1.6.4:  Station number in trajectories: force the use of incremental number because the read of a number in the station header was not possible and generated bug
    •  1.6.4: MedATLAS and CFPoint time series conversions: fix date computing using user offset
    •  1.6.4: MedATLAS conversion for time series with multiple stations: fix start date and sampling rate for stations 1+N
    •  1.6.4: MedATLAS conversion for time series with multiple stations not ordered by date with station number incremented: fix stations end date
    •  1.6.4: ODV conversion for profiles with pressure and no depth: fix bug if pressure format in Data tab is integer type
    •  1.6.4: sort data within stations if sort option is checked
    •  1.6.4: ODV conversion: fix ISO date time columns headers
    •  1.6.4: CFPoint conversions: improve process time
    •  1.6.4: CFPoint: fix SDN_CRUISE start_date and end_date attributes formats: write only date, not time, using YYYY-MM-DD format
    •  1.6.4: In Data tab, when using P01 via P09, use unit label coming from P09-P06 mapping instead of P09 one

See NEMO presentation:

and corresponding video.

Examples of input files, NEMO models and output filesconverted with NEMO : 

NEMO is fit for use on Windows and Unix platforms. NEMO has been initiated and is now further developed as part of SeaDataNet by partner IFREMER