Software download and FAQ

MIKADO is a software tool, written in Java, which enables data centres to prepare XML metadata files for the SeaDataNet directories EDMED, CSR, EDMERP, CDI and EDIOS. Data centres can prepare XML entries manually or can generate XML entries automatically by interfacing with local databases. MIKADO also enables data centres to manage XML entries as a local collection.

MIKADO uses the latest SeaDataNet XML Schema's and makes use of the Common Vocabularies, EDMO and EDMERP directories. The latter are each time synchronised by online connections to the respective Web Services on user demand.

MIKADO is fit for use on Unix and Windows platforms. The development of MIKADO is performed by IFREMER.

The latest version of MIKADO is available supporting NVS 2.0 in all directories and the new INSPIRE compliant CDI and CSR Schemas and XML formats.

MIKADO software (V3.4)

  • Add-ons
    • CsvJdbc driver added to configure csv files (documentation : http://csvjdbc.sourceforge.net/doc.html)
    • "Automatic / New / CDI from NEMO export" menu added to create Automatic configuration for CDI from NEMO export
  • JDBC-ODBC Bridge Deprecated
    • The sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver driver is deprecated in Mikado 3.4 because it is unmaintained by java. Excel users can now export their data in csv format and use CsvJdbc driver added in this Mikado 3.4. Access users can use ucanaccess driver which has been upgraded to its last version in Mikado 3.4. With this Mikado is delivered in only one version for java 1.8 or higer
  • Mikado automatic : JDBC drivers upgraded to recent for
    • MySql (mysql-connector-java-5.1.42-bin.jar)
    • Access (ucanaccess-4.0.2.jar)
    • MS Server (sqljdbc41.jar )
      Mikado autmatically updates Driver class name which has changed from
      com.microsoft.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServerDriver to
    • Sybase (jconn4.jar)
      Mikado autmatically updates Driver class name which has changed from
    • Oracle (ojdbc8.jar)
    • PostgreSQL (postgresql-42.0.0.jre7.jar)
    • OpenOffice (hsqldb.jar from ucanaccess)

See a shorter presentation of MIKADO:

and corresponding video.