Are all data unrestricted and free?

No, all data are not unrestricted and free for use.

The general case is free an open access for data, around 85% of the data are accessible. Once the user is registered and have agreed with the “SeaDataNet user Licence”, he can, by default access all data which are unrestricted or under SeaDataNet licence.

Then depending on his status, organisation…. The SeaDataNet node responsible of the user's country country will attribute him a specific role which can give him access to more restricted data.

Data Access restriction

% of the SDN dataset (Feb 2015)


The data are freely available to anybody and may be used for any purpose. Usage acknowledgement may be required.


SeaDataNet licence

Access to the data and usage are as specified in the SeaDataNet data policy and licence agreement


by negotiation

The data are withheld from general circulation and disclosure but access may be obtained on a case-by-case basis through negotiation.



The data are freely available for research and education purposes. Usage acknowledgement is usually expected.



The data are unrestricted to members of an organisation or a virtual organisation (such as project or cruise participants) but restricted to anybody else.


No access

Access to the data cannot be negotiated.



Data are initially restricted, but the access condition relaxes to academic or unrestricted once a specified period of time after an event (such as collection, publication, completion of QC procedures or project cessation) has elapsed.

<  0.1%


Conditions of supply and usage of the data are specified in a formal agreement.

<  0.1%

Commercial charge

A charge significantly exceeding the cost of data collection and delivery is made for usage of the data.

<  0.1%