I would like to download a large number of stations (>10 000), how should I proceed?

(If you do not know how to search data, first have a loo to the How can I get data? FAQ)

First of all a query is limited to a maximum of 10,000 stations. If more stations are needed, it is necessary to  follow these steps:

  1. click the "10000" button on the top of the query result in order to see 10,000 records on one page
  2. click on the check box on the top left of the list of results (it will check the 10,000 records of the page)
  3. click on DATASET BASKET  (top right of the screen) and order the 10,000 datasets
  4. go back to the result of your query,  click on Next on the top right side to see the next 10,000 records
  5. repeat steps 2-3
  6. repeat 4-5

and so on .....

Please feel free to contact us if you have any problem using the SeaDataNet web portal for data downloading.