How can I get data?

Please go to the SeaDataNet data portal and proceed to the following steps:

Data selection:

  • Click on the left side image (CDI Search).
  • Enter your selection criteria which could be a cruise name (field Free Search), a geographic area drawn or manually input, a type of instrument...  ('?' give an on-line help on all criteria and clicking on Help (left side of the map) gives a detailed description of the portal use.
  • Click on Search under the map to run your data request

Result of your search:

The result of your search will show-up after a while (depending on your criteria for selection)

  • Summary gives a synthetic view of your search result, you can then work on a sub- part of the full selection from this summary.
  • If your search gives more than 20 records, you can change the number of records per page by checking 100 or 1000 and then Go (right side of the map).
  • To select the data that you want to download check the left box in the table of results  To select all records of the page check the top left  box)
  • Then click on Add to basket
  • Do the same on all pages with data that you want to download
  • When your selection is OK (Maximum 10 000 records per basket), click on Basket to proceed to data download.

Data download:

  • Click on Submit request list Give your login/password (For the 1st downloading, you need to fulfill a registration form to get a login/Password)
  • Give a short description on data usage
  • If several data formats are available, you can choose the format you need by checking that this format is defined for the data that you need to download,  then by choosing this format in the Switch all formats to list, then by clicking on Switch Run the downloading by clicking on Submit request list

Follow-up of the downloads status:

  • Follow the link that shows up at the end of the previous step (or in the email you will receive) to access the RSM (Request Status Manager) which help you to follow the result of your search in all contacted data centres.
  • Click on Status of download requests to access your current downloads
  • You can see all status of your download, per data centre: At first your request status is Approval pending and then it will move to Ready for user action (if data are not restricted) or to Access Denied (if data are still restricted).
  • When the status of your request is Ready for user Action, click on the number of available data to access the data downloading.

Zip files

  • Zip of ODV files can be used directly in Ocean Data View software, using the menu Import > SDN Spreadsheet
  • The zip files contains all requested data files and a CSV metadata file in which you can find a lot of information on each select record

Please feel free to contact us if you have any problem using the SeaDataNet web portal for data downloading.