New release of NEMO

Download version 1.6.5 and new version of user manual

V1.6.5 changes :

  • Adds-on:
    • 1.6.4: Easier management of CSV file: number of column is used to display and select parameters for input CSV files
    • 1.6.4: Detect deprecated or non existing BODC terms in Cruise, Station and Data tabs (GUI and batch modes). Deprecated terms are automatically replaced if a replacement code is given by the BODC.
  • Bugs corrections:
    • 1.6.5:Data screen - incorrect synchronisation of highlighting between the data table and the parameter table for CSV files
    • 1.6.5: Data screen - incorrect test on P06 unit for non numeric parameters
    •  1.6.4:Error on data format in data tab for big integers and floats
    •  1.6.4: Station number in trajectories: force the use of incremental number because the read of a number in the station header was not possible and generated bug
    •  1.6.4: MedATLAS and CFPoint time series conversions: fix date computing using user offset
    •  1.6.4: MedATLAS conversion for time series with multiple stations: fix start date and sampling rate for stations 1+N
    •  1.6.4: MedATLAS conversion for time series with multiple stations not ordered by date with station number incremented: fix stations end date
    •  1.6.4: ODV conversion for profiles with pressure and no depth: fix bug if pressure format in Data tab is integer type
    •  1.6.4: Sort data within stations if sort option is checked
    •  1.6.4: ODV conversion: fix ISO date time columns headers
    •  1.6.4: CFPoint conversions: improve process time
    •  1.6.4: CFPoint: fix SDN_CRUISE start_date and end_date attributes formats: write only date, not time, using YYYY-MM-DD format
    •  1.6.4:In Data tab, when using P01 via P09, use unit label coming from P09-P06 mapping instead of P09 one