Download MIKADO

To install MIKADO, you have to download the MIKADO zip file, to unzip it and to copy the MIKADO directory on your computer.

Important notice:

  • MIKADO >= 3.6 generates CDI XML files which can be managed only with RM version >= 1.0.45

Known issue:

We noticed a problem for downloading EDMED XML entry using MIKADO software (Menu Manual > Download > EDMED from BODC). This is because the URL of EDMED WSDL webservice used by MIKADO has migrated from HTTP to HTTPS. To solve this problem, the MIKADO users have to:

  • edit the file available in the MIKADO conf/ folder
  • replace EDMED_SOAP_wsdlLocation=http\:// by EDMED_SOAP_wsdlLocation=https\://
  • save the file
  • run MIKADO.

This issue will be fixed in the next MIKADO release (3.6.4) which will be delivered in May 2021.

MIKADO 3.5.3

Version 3.5.3 Platform For all databases except Excel

MIKADO 3.6.3

Version 3.6.3 Platform For all databases except Excel

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