Download MIKADO

To install MIKADO, you have to download the MIKADO zip file, to unzip it and to copy the MIKADO directory on your computer.

Important notice:

  • MIKADO >= 3.6 generates CDI XML files which can be managed only with RM version >= 1.0.45

Known issue:

  • due to a bug in different java versions, you may experience problems when opening existing XML files in MIKADO. Error message: "Unexpected format for the selected catalog: gmd:aggregateDataSetName unnexcepted child in <gmd:MD_AggregateInformation> tag". To by-pass this problem, please install another java version than affected versions: 7u341, 8u331, 11.0.15-oracle, 17.0.3-oracle, 18.0.1

MIKADO 3.5.3

Version 3.5.3 Platform For all databases except Excel


Version 3.8 Platform For all databases except Excel