Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee (SC) chaired by the Scientific Coordinator is composed of partners of the consortium who represent important lead customers, such as science community, EMODnet, Copernicus Marine Environmental Monitoring Service (CMEMS), and international scientific programmes such as SOCAT, ARGO, and others. It will support the respective WP leaders and will contribute to the specification and definitions of the services and tools. It will assist the Scientific Coordinator for:

  • the overall specifications concerning the tools and the services from a user perspective and the monitoring (including feedback) of their developments during the project
  • the specification of products that will be useful for their communities
  • acting as ambassador to their networks for goodwill and promotion of SeaDataCloud services and tools; this promotion will be done also at the strategic level.

The 7 members involved in the SC are:


The SC will meet twice in the first year and have three more meetings in the following years and work by email in between. The Scientific coordinator will work in close relationships with the Technical Coordinator and the Project Coordinator. He is part of the steering group.

Contact: sdc-sciencecom (