Mid-term review

The SeadataCloud mid-term took place in Brussels (Belgium) on December 6, 2018.

The meeting was organised by the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Belgian Marine Data Centre (RBINS-BMDC) and hosted at :

Belgian Science Policy 
Avenue Louise 231 Louizalaan
B-1050 Brussels (Belgium)

The participants were the coordinators, the work package leaders, AWI for ODV presentation, ULG for DIVA presentation and LHEI for NODC use case presentation.


Overview of the project and context

Project Overview: overall objectives of the project, role of partners, coordination activities (M. Fichaut, Coordinator, IFREMER)

SeaDataCloud in the European landscape: relation with other initiatives (D. Schaap, Technical coordinator, MARIS)

Using SeaDataNet for EMODnet Chemistry (A. Giorgetti, WP6 leader and EMODnet chemistry coordinator, OGS)

SeaDataCloud technical challenges (D. Schaap, Technical coordinator, MARIS)

Review of deliverables as described in annex 1 of Grant Agreement (M. Fichaut, Coordinator, IFREMER)

Financial overview at Month 18 (M. Fichaut, Coordinator, IFREMER)

SDN Catalogues

Review on SDN metadata catalogues content, progress since the beginning of the project (A. Iona, WP5 leader, HCMR)

New technical developments

SeaDataNet vocabularies and linked data principles applied to SeaDataNet directories (M. Hebden, WP8 leader, BODC)

Upgrading the CDI Data Discovery and Access service, adopting the cloud (D. Schaap, Technical coordinator, MARIS)

Developing a Virtual Research Environment VRE (D. Schaap, Technical coordinator, MARIS)

Example of SDN implementation

Benefits of SeaDataNet implementation (R. Poikane, LHEI, SeaDataNet data centre)

SDN Products

SeaDataNet products, improvement of the QC loop and feedback to data centres (S. Simoncelli, WP11 leader, INGV)


Training activities (S. Scory, WP3 leader, RBINS)

Promotion and Dissemination

Promotion and dissemination activities (L. Pecci, WP4 leader, ENEA)

Next period plans

Implementation plan for next period (D. Schaap, Technical coordinator, MARIS)