The coordination is entrusted to IFREMER, who designates the Project Coordinator. The Project Coordinator (PC - IFREMER) is assisted by:


  • a Technical Coordinator (TC - MARIS),
    •  who assists the project coordinator, acting as a Deputy Coordinator, and has the responsibility of coordinating the overall technical development.
  • a Networking Coordinator (NC - HCMR/HNODC)
    • who supports the WP leaders of the coordination activities and encourage partners to achieve an overall coherence in the implementation of these WPs and their results.
  • a Scientific Coordinator (SC – INGV)
    • who supports the WP leaders of the RTD activities and contributes to assessing and safeguarding the overall quality, compatibility and coherence of the services and products delivered by SeaDataNet 2.
  • a Scientific Access Service Coordinator (SASC - OGS)
    • who supervises the performance of the scientific access services provided by the SeaDataNet data centres and the operators of the central SeaDataNet portal services
  • a Strategic Promotion Coordinator (SPC - IES-JRC)
    • who makes sure that SeaDataNet is known at the strategic level of major EU initiatives, such as INSPIRE, GMES, GEOSS, WISE-Marine, MSFD, and recognised as the leading pan-European infrastructure for marine and ocean data management.
  • Work-Package leaders
    • who monitors and guide the progress of the WP activity by regular communication to the partners concerned.
  • Regional Coordinators for products (RC)
    • who leads the activity of the regional group