Technical Task Group

The Technical Task Group will be composed of the leaders of the technical development tasks and various experts in standards (such as ISO, OGC, oceanographic standards), involved in the INSPIRE process, and experts in IT developments. The Technical Task Group will be the forum to coordinate and monitor all standards and technical developments. It will thus assist the Technical Coordinator for:

  • the main technical options for developing the system elements;
  • the validation of the technical specifications;
  • checking that the standards defined are applicable and used;
  • the test and validation of the technical deliverables;
  • searching for an alternative solution in case of unexpected technical problems.

The members involved in the TTG are IFREMER, MARIS (chair), BODC, BSH, SMHI, IEO, HCMR,OGS, RIHMI, ENEA, CLS, AWI, ULG, IMR, NERI, ICES, NIOZ, MUMM, VLIZ, OC-UCY, CNR-IAA, UniHB and subcontractors STFC (via BODC) and UTM-CSIC (via IEO)

The Technical Task Group will meet at least twice per year, it is chaired by the technical coordinator (MARIS).