Project Office

The Project Coordinator (IFREMER) will perform daily coordination and management of the project and will be supported for these tasks by the Project Office, located at IFREMER and under responsibility of the Project coordinator. The Project Coordinator will manage the overall project and its scientific contents. The Project Coordinator will safeguard the overall quality of the project implementation. The Project Coordinator will work closely with the Technical Coordinator (MARIS) who will manage the technical elements of the infrastructure developments, operation and interoperability challenges to other initiatives.

The roles of the Project Office can be summarised as follows:

  • Overall financial and person planning, in cooperation with the Steering Committee
  • Monitor, evaluate and control the overall progress of the project and its activities towards its objectives
  • Coordination of remediation plans for delayed and or unsuccessful activities
  • Coordination and finalising of all required reports, including progress and financial (costs statements) reports to the Commission.
  • Ensure quality control of all the deliverables
  • Organisation of Steering Committee meetings
  • Organisation of Advisory Board meetings
  • Organisation of Project Coordination Group meetings
  • Overall legal, financial, administrative, contractual management Part B – SeaDataNet II FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2011-1 June 2011 19
  • Overseeing the promotion of gender equality and watching over ethical issues
  • Maintaining communication with the Commission through the Project Coordinator.

The member involved in the Project Office is IFREMER.