My CDI files contain twice the Distribution Information / Service Bindings block (, HTTP-DOWNLOAD, etc).

Service bindings are links (urls) to online services that allow an user or machine to download the data or get more information on it.The first binding (first occurance of <TransfertOptions>) is mandatory and is always the "standard" referral to the SeaDataNet portal. Further bindings are optional.

In MIKADO automatic, the query for Distribution Information (var 40, 42, 43) must return at least default binding to the SeaDataNet portal:

var40 :


var43: downloadRegistration

If your CDI files contains twice the default binding block, it means that you have certainly made a mistake in your query for var 40, 42 or 43. In all cases, if MIKADO does not find the var40=, var42=HTTP-DOWNLOAD, var43=downloadRegistration, it creates automatically a record corresponding to this values.

Examples of errors: